Management Selection
Management Selection
Management Selection uses a focused advertising campaign to attract candidates. It is an effective and often speedier alternative to Executive Search.

The decision to advertise is based primarily on the candidate specification and not the level of salary. When the requirement is of a more generic nature, it is likely that the best candidates will be effectively sourced through a media campaign.

Good candidates can be attracted by using the quality press or online. Our distinctive advertising style is designed to promote the position above all else. We take great care and believe in short, powerful and interesting advertising copy. The client's name is not disclosed in the advertisement unless requested.

Candidates are interviewed against the job profile and competencies required in the role as agreed with the client. A short-list of 3 or 4 is presented and our consultants will interview the short-list with the client, often leading the process.

The processes of Search and Selection are applied in order to give the Client the best possible coverage of the candidate marketplace. The depth and scope of the Search element can be varied to suit the circumstances surrounding the appointment. Often Clients are uncertain of their needs and wish to remain open-minded about the required candidate's background. In these circumstances Search with Selection is the ideal solution.

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