Why Work with Us
Why Work with Us We fully meet our commitments to our Clients by filling positions with good quality, long term people. 'The right people'.

Our process is thorough:-
  • We offer search, selection, contingency services, or a combined approach with the consultant handling all aspects of the assignment.
  • We interview the shortlist with the Client - highly valued by Clients.
  • We take up detailed verbal references on candidates.
  • We assist with the offer negotiations, Client administration is minimal.
  • We work to a commercial pace and agree to a timetable at the start of each project.
  • We offer Clients a fixed price contract with no minimum fee.
  • We believe in developing long term relationships with our Clients and candidates, and becoming their business partners.
  • We adopt an 'across the board' approach to recruitment. 85% of our work comes from existing Clients.
  • Our core activity is in the salary range of £50,000 pa to £150,000 pa but we operate comfortably on either side of this range and this allows us to work with Clients throughout their organisation structure.
  • We are an independent consultancy whose founding directors are active in the business, interfacing on a daily basis with Clients: we are not submerged within a large corporate group. This means we are in touch with our marketplace. We can operate with flexibility to suit our Client's needs and we can offer a standard of service way above the norm in our industry.